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Our Mission, Our Promise

JBR creates a more beautiful interior world. In our world, vision is creation. If you see an opportunity to beautify your home or build the home of your dreams, we see that it gets done. Working hand in hand with our clients, we define their renovation dreams, maximize their potential, and ensure the best possible outcome. With our by the book work ethic and quality driven mentality we aim for results that supersede our clients high expectations.

When our clients dream big, we dream along with them, and then paint the picture. As long as there are people who dream of a better place to live, JBR will be there, working hard to finish them. If you have renovation dreams, please share them with us and we'll show you how we build them.

We promise quality. Our effort and workmanship are essential to our continued success. While larger contractors put emphasis on profits and cutting costs, our focus is on customers and the finished product. For that reason we offer a satisfaction guarantee and back our work with a one year warranty.


Pasadena MD 21122 US (410) 762-9015

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