​MHIC #133930

JBR specializes in home building and remodeling. Owner, Jay Rhodes, has been in the industry since 2000, starting JBR in 2009. For the last eight years JBR has proudly served Maryland with a staff of some of the industry's most qualified  and experienced installers. JBR is dedicated to providing dream living spaces where homeowners can live contently. With our teams experience, integrity and strong core values we have continued to grow, becoming renowned for our exceptional home improvement work. We are insured with a general liability insurance policy, bonded and licensed (MHIC # 133930).

Our People, Our Pride, Our Team

Wayne White started working for JBR three years ago. He is a first class carpenter, who specializes in exterior remodeling work. Wayne places particular emphasis on his deck building expertise and interior trim work. His no nonsense work ethic and extensive experience make him a very precise & effective builder. When Wayne tackles a project from start to finish you can be sure his plan will be followed to the letter, ensuring a very efficient completion and sound finished product.

Devin is a top notch craftsmen that has been with JBR for 3 years. His work ethic, skill and consistency allow us to deliver immaculate remodels, time and time again. Devin has a great eye for detail and the ability to problem solve on the fly. He is able to handle both the routine and complex issues that regularly arise in the world of remodeling. The JBR stamp of approval is so well respected in large part due to his work. If you get Devin on a job, you can rest assured that he'll deliver.


Chuck has been with JBR for 3 years. He has been an integral part of our team, mission and success. One of the most reliable guys we've come across, he works tirelessly to ensure our work is top notch and meets our quality standards. The JBR stamp of approval is a vital check that holds us accountable for delivering the highest quality work possible. In many instances, Chuck has been the guy that puts that stamp on a finished project and his track record is exemplary. 

Bill is an integral part of our team. As a project manager, we rely on Bill a great deal to set the tone at each work site. He ensures projects are completed in a timely fashion and that the workmanship meets our very high quality standard. Making a career in this industry, Bill knows what it takes to get the job done in a clean and efficient manner and how to handle difficult issues as if they are routine. By keeping the home owner's best interest at heart, Bill delivers for us, time and time again, by ensuring customer satisfaction. 


Our Mission

JBR creates a more beautiful interior world. In our world, vision is creation. If you see an opportunity to beautify your home or build the home of your dreams, we see that it gets done. Working hand in hand with our clients, we define their renovation dreams, maximize their potential, and ensure the best possible outcome. With our by the book work ethic and quality driven mentality we aim for results that supersede our clients high expectations. When our clients dream big, we dream along with them, and then paint the picture. As long as there are people who dream of a better place to live, JBR will be there, working hard to finish them. If you have renovation dreams, please share them with us and we'll show you how we build them.